Who We Are

Do you sometimes feel that business is a ‘three ring circus’? Chaotic, confusing, at times unpleasant and annoying?
This is one dictionary meaning of a three ring circus. The other meaning is where people perform at the same time, simultaneous performances in three circus rings.

Our objective at StyleFocus is to change your business world from the chaotic and confusing view of the world where the clarity of what needs to be done is missing. With our hands-on implementation; you can manage your business in a structured co-ordinated fashion tackling issues on multiple fronts. We aim to change the confusing into the understandable by reducing complexity.

Our approach will be practical and provide the advise that will work in your world – the real world changing from chaotic, confusing and challenging to one where we will help you implement the practical changes that are required to move your business forward in a growing, profitable manner. It will be based on a thorough understanding of your business through a comprehensive diagnostic review.

Ongoing, we aim to leave you with the necessary tools to manage by yourself, but will always remain available to assist as and when required.
We will become your trusted advisor; we will turn your retail world around.

With experience in all key management and business streams, across business big and small, our advisory team come from a wide variety of real world retail, consumer and advisory experiences.

Using our many years of combined expertise we work together to ensure your business performs simultaneously in all rings of your business.